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fixed-fee consultations


Residency tax issues often require a thorough, sophisticated analysis of complex financial interests, such as deferred compensation plans, stock options, and purchase agreements.
However, many taxpayers simply need guidance in putting together a plan for changing their legal residence from California to another state in compliance with California residency law.  Or they are snowbirds who want to buy a vacation home or some other single investment in California, while minimizing their risk of a residency audit.  Or they wish to work remotely out of state, via e-commerce or other internet solutions, to provide services or products to California, without being deemed California residents.  Finally, they may have been sent a 4600 Notice and have to respond before the deadline.
For those clients, Sanger & Manes offers fixed-fee consultations, via telephone or in person. For the fixed fee, Sanger & Manes will answer unlimited residency-related questions that don't involve reviewing complex financial arrangements, and will assist in putting together a departure plan, vacation home plan, remote worker plan, or 4600 Notice response.  
The process involves sending a “residency questionnaire” so we can get a comprehensive picture of your contacts with California and other states, providing you with appropriate checklists (such as a "departure checklist") once we understand your particular situation, and then scheduling a conference or conferences, as is needed.  
Contact us for details.