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SANGER & MANES LLP is the premier law firm in California residency tax planning, consultations, audits and appeals.  We have over two decades of success assisting Californians who want to change their legal residency, businesses moving their situs to other states, and nonresidents purchasing vacation homes or investment property in California.  We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, retirees, professional athletes, actors and artists stay clear of California’s aggressive residency tax system.  We are on the cutting-edge of assisting e-commerce companies minimize California income taxes and audit risk.  

Related to this, we offer world class expertise in estate planning for international clients who own US assets, with an emphasis on Canadians purchasing vacation homes.  Our knowledge of US tax treaties with other nations, and our experience in international probates, drafting cross-border estate plans, particularly Canadian-US real estate trusts, makes us the industry leader in assisting foreign nationals minimize US estate taxes and income taxes relating to their US assets and investments.   

Christopher Manes, residency tax attorney
Howard Sanger, certified tax specialist