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fixed-fee estate plans

Sanger & Manes offers sophisticated estate-planning for our Canadian clients who own or plan to purchase US real estate or other assets, when it is needed.  But in many cases, after consultation about the estate tax and income tax implications of owning US real estate and discussing the options, it becomes clear that a simple revocable trust is the best way to hold the property, which is often a vacation home.  
For those Canadians, Sanger & Manes prepares the trust in a way that optimizes the tax benefits of the US-Canada Tax Treaty, and we transfer the real property to the trust, for a single fixed fee.*  
Sanger & Manes also offers a fixed fee for creating business entities to hold the property (if for instance, it is income-producing and not a vacation home), or to transfer title into some other form that benefits Canadian owners, such as joint tenancy or community property with right of survivorship.
Contact us for the details of our fixed-fee estate planes and real estate services for Canadians.

*Special arrangements have to be made if the property is Bureau of Indian Affairs Lease Land.